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5 Best Insurance Plans in India: Which One Is The Best For You?

What is a Health Insurance Plan?
A Health Insurance plan is simply an instrument that protects your income by transferring some of your risk to a third party. In India, there are many types of health insurance plans such as the Health Insurance Scheme, group health insurance, and health reimbursement scheme. Here we have brought you a list of the 5 best insurance plans for you. 1. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Health Insurance Plan This health insurance plan is a private health insurance plan offered by BSNL to its subscribers under the brand name Bharat-BSNL Good Insurance Plan. The plan covers most of the services provided in a hospital, a few emergency cares, some general doctor’s care, diagnostic tests, and outpatient services. The plan also offers health screening services such as breast cancer tests, etc.

Why do you need a health insurance plan?
While shopping around for a health insurance plan, you are probably aware that many plans now come with a wide range of coverage and some even have a tailor-made benefit for you. But, do you know exactly what’s covered, how much is it, and at what cost? Here are five things that you should be looking at while choosing a health insurance plan: 1. Coverage You don’t want to invest your money only to find that your medical expenses go beyond your expectation. It’s always good to check out the amount of money you are covered for – the total amount you are entitled to receive in case of an emergency situation, and the maximum coverages you are offered. Look at the sum assured and the coverages offered, and make a decision based on the best value. 2. Premium How much should you pay?

The Top 5 Best Insurance Plans in India
Let’s you spend your money wisely Nowadays, people are throwing their money on insurance plans of stupid amounts and trust their chances. It’s quite confusing because in insurance products one person can be earning 250 times more than another. However, by focusing on 1/3rd gap in that price range and buying a general or health insurance plan. These options will offer coverage at an affordable price. The premiums will be a few percent cheaper than the highest ones. This way you can easily increase your insurance coverage up to $ 2-3 lac (even $ 4-5 lac). The way to buy them 1. Do your research To get the right coverage, you need to research insurance plans.

What are the advantages of health insurance plans?
Health insurance plans provide medical aid benefits to the policyholder at times of catastrophic accidents or sickness. They also cover pre-existing diseases and cover illnesses that had not been notified by a physician. In other words, the policy will pay you in case of a medical event that has not been specified. Therefore, medical insurance plans come with a variety of benefits that can save a person’s life and help him meet his daily expenses. As we discussed earlier, the objective behind health insurance is not just to pay a premium amount but to avoid suffering financial loss. People need to understand that the main benefits of health insurance plans lie in insurance protection, which will help them in the case of a critical medical emergency.

Dedicated pages and web tools have come to the rescue of many insurance policy customers. Each of them gives a host of detailed reports to help you do a better job of selecting a policy. However, it is more a matter of choice than selection. In this piece, we have tried to cover all the major policies that are readily available in India, including those that are a bit more obscure. NB: We have not covered General Insurance Company (GIC) Policies because we have not investigated them.

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