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5 Investment Methods That Will Make You Rich In The Long Term

Put Your Savings in a TFSA

If you have any extra money lying around the house, there’s no reason to let it sit idle in your bank account or high-interest credit card. Save it for the future, and put it into a tax-free savings account. A TFSA is the perfect vehicle to hold savings for retirement, investing, an emergency fund, or even travel.

In this video, I give five basic investment strategies that will help you retire a millionaire. Learn how to properly diversify your investments. And if you’re looking to improve your portfolio, follow these simple steps.

All investments carry risk, so proceed with caution. You should also always consult a professional before making any changes to your portfolio.

Investing is an important part of a retirement plan.

Invest in Bonds

To invest in bonds, put money in a low-cost mutual fund or exchange-traded fund, the value of which will grow exponentially in inflation (loss) or real estate values. This is also a very safe way of investing, and that is, as long as you choose the right bond.


Never invest more than a fraction of your portfolio in the riskiest products you can find. These include ICOs, Bitcoin, stocks, and fixed-income investments.

Zero-Duration Bonds

These bonds will not mature and have no interest payments. They are backed by a government guarantee that they won’t default, meaning the government will have to step in and take them back if something were to happen. Because of this, you get a very low-risk high-interest investment that is backed by the government.

Put Your Savings in a RRSP

I first learned this technique from Martin Zalewski in 2003, when he shared with me his 50/20/30 retirement savings plan. This is a simple formula, whereby you take your income and divide it into 50% for living expenses, 20% for paying off debts, and 30% for future retirement savings. “The key to maximizing your RRSP contribution for that first few years of retirement is to aggressively maximize the amount you’re putting in each year and continue to do so until you’ve reached retirement age,” writes Zalewski. Take a moment to think about your household spending in retirement.

Invest in Stocks

I like stocks. No, I love stocks. They’re the kings of easy wealth and can be anything from the next Google to the next Apple.

No one really needs to own individual stocks to generate wealth, but owning a diversified portfolio of some sort is always a good idea. The goal here is to try and beat the market. Stock market performance is what determines an individual’s net worth, so the more you win, the more you win.

Fund your accounts with a mix of different types of stocks. Some people prefer to invest in “dividend stocks,” and if you prefer to, then feel free to invest in the S&P 500 Index Fund (NYSEARCA: SPY ), which tracks the overall market.

Invest in Real Estate

The humble home is one of the best investments of your life. No other investment generates such steady and reliable income. For starters, home prices won’t ever decrease. While property values fluctuate, your house will never decrease in value. That makes property a good hedge for inflation.

Of course, if you’re renting, a property is subject to short term fluctuations in price. Some people do not like this aspect of real estate investment, but for those who can look at the long-term picture, the stability is something they can count on.

Build a passive income stream with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the way of the future. Now, it’s really hard to invest in the digital currency and collect any dividends. You have to keep your Bitcoin offline and in an exchange.

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