Thursday, December 8, 2022

What does the COVID 19 Virus Mean for Your Company?

What Is the COVID 19 Virus?
Think of the COVID virus as the conspiracy to kill and destroy our current way of life. We know this because it is now relatively easy to catch. So easy that anyone can have it. I am a first-time victim. Like most people, I did not believe there was a virus that could attack the computer and bring down my business and personal computer. But now I realize that my computer was infected. I probably paid the ransom to get my computer back. But I may have paid just to get my data back and maybe I will have to do that again. The attackers have a backup and they could continue to attack my computer until I pay another ransom. What Was It? The COVID 19 virus was a Trojan horse, planted on one of my machines. It then infected the mainframe computer at my bank.

How Does the COVID 19 Virus Affect Your Company?
Respiratory failure caused by COVID 19 causes mortality in 2–10% of infected patients, with mortality higher if the infection has gone unchecked for longer than 10 days, and if symptoms start less than 2 days before death. Death is caused by the resulting pulmonary edema (dense fluid in the lungs) which obstructs airflow and is the principal cause of organ failure in infected patients. For more than two decades there has been an increasing concern about the increasing number of infections in hospitals and other healthcare facilities worldwide, and how the immune systems of hospital patients have become increasingly more vulnerable to antibiotic-resistant infections.

Tips for Preventing COVID 19
COVID 19 is a ransomware virus that the world has witnessed in recent months and it is a new threat to the cyber landscape. It is not even in its most advanced stage yet, and even then, it still managed to affect many people and companies in various industries such as healthcare, government, and finance. One of the most damaging parts of the virus is that it can not only block your data files and terminate your computer or computer system, but it can also force you to pay a ransom for your files to be unlocked. The good news is that there are some simple and obvious steps that you can take to prevent the virus from spreading within your organization and ensure that no data is lost in the event of a successful attack.

You should always be scanning for new viruses. Even if it’s something small, like a desktop virus or small Web-based virus, or something small like a macro virus, you want to scan every system and make sure that the system is clean. You should also make sure that your software is updated regularly. By making a habit of updating your system, you’ll make it less vulnerable to new viruses and worms.

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