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The Best Finance Podcasts of 2021: The Only Podcasts You Need To Listen To

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Maybe you’re the person reading this thinking, “How come this podcast has so much money?” Actually, maybe you’re not thinking that. You’re just doing all the things you think I’m doing and therefore can’t be bothered to read this article. That’s OK. Just let me make some suggestion anyway: Whether it’s the most original thing you’ve ever heard or not, make sure you’re listening to the best finance podcasts of 2021. Seriously, though, why have you not read any of these things?

We’ve been talking about financial literacy (sadly, as of a few weeks ago, still yet to be adequately addressed) for so long now, that it has become an industry of its own. Even non-finance enthusiasts are curious to learn more about the world of finance and will take in any tidbits they can.

The Best Finance Podcasts of 2021

These days, you probably know what it’s like to spend a lot of time on a bus, standing in line for a cappuccino, or wandering around New York City.

You know what else is like that? Speculating about a potentially lucrative and stressful career, while dodging hordes of attention-hungry fans.

But now you don’t have to make that journey alone.

Because that’s where finance podcasting comes in. It’s the place to go for business news and insights—and one of the best sources of entertainment, too.

And that’s why I’ve put together a list of the best finance podcasts of 2021. These are the ones you should download, and listen to—but you might just have to subscribe to them, too.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are long-form audio shows, usually produced for multiple people, or a variety of people, to listen to on the go. Some can be read, too. Although they don’t necessarily have to be factual – I like the narrative style of All Songs Considered on NPR – they are usually of a factual nature. Some series have launched successful spin-offs, such as Planet Money and This American Life, which follows a common theme.

The Best Finance Podcasts of 2018

Podcasts differ widely, as they cover a range of different subjects – stock markets, movies, travel, health, music, comedy, history, etc. For this list, I’ve tried to include several different types of podcasts.

Why Listen to Podcasts?

What Makes a Finance Podcast Great?

Have you ever thought about why you love podcasts so much? Have you ever thought about what makes a finance podcast great? Read on, and learn the top reasons why you should listen to a finance podcast in the near future.

1. Finance Podcasts Provide Insight to Complex Markets

Most people have heard of the stock market, but they don’t know exactly how it works. In a podcast, you can get closer to the “underbelly” of markets. If you have experience in finance and if you’re interested in the market, a finance podcast will open up an incredible amount of content to you. With every guest that you meet, you learn more and more.

Find a podcast that covers market fluctuations, technical analysis, or international economies.

Top 4 Must-Listen-To Finance Podcasts

Since 2012, the co-hosts of Money Talks, aka financial journalist Ben Carlson and broker recruiter Brett Steenburgh, have been offering personal finance advice to listeners. For more than 7 years, they have tackled everything from getting a credit card to buying a house. On their latest episode, the two are sitting on a terrace drinking beer. In a voice that sounds more like a Hollywood pitchman than a financial adviser, Carlson begins to sell listeners on the benefits of adopting a routine that they follow every single day: waking up early, drinking a glass of water and doing some push-ups.

“If you can do push-ups, you can save money,” Carlson declares before drinking the remainder of his glass of water and moving on to his next pitch.

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